A Serena Williams Jewelry necklace, Serena Williams Jewelry earrings, SerenaWilliamsjewelrym. Courtesy of the brand.

It will come as no surprise, then, that Williams’s new line—called, simply, Serena Williams Jewelry and on sale starting this month—includes hearts, along with rings, bracelets, and necklaces, a diamond-encrusted dog tag, and diamond earrings that spell out SEXY as well as LOVE, the words broken in two. There are core pieces, ranging in price from $ to $,, and as much as the line is a dream come true for Williams, it’s also practical: As she’s allergic to a lot of metals, she wanted pieces designed with real gold or silver but still “price-friendly. เว็บ บาคาร่า

She was remembering this the other day while driving around Palm Beach, Florida, and wearing five pieces from her new line: a diamond necklace, another necklace with sexy spelled out in diamonds, and some signet rings. She’d had them on nonstop for a week or so, having just flown in from New York and before that L.A. “I’m a little bit everywhere”, and she was saying that her collection is also about travel—about the sort of pieces that might easily move from a baccarat table in Monte Carlo to takeout café con leche in Miami’s Little Havana, or “on the red carpet and the tennis court,” as she puts it. “You don’t have to change pieces, but you can add pieces—something more bold, or more strong, or even something with a word on it—even if it’s a more delicate piece. It’s just about expressing yourself.”

APNewsBreak: Steyer abettor provided cash for endorsements

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